martes, octubre 26, 2004

Same Drugs, different prices

Este es el nombre de un artículo aparecido en la revista Newsweek el pasado 4 de octubre, en el que podemos leer lo siguiente:

Are you paying too much for your prescription drugs?

In New York, under state law, pharmacies are required to supply price lists for their prescription drugs to customers who request it. But many consumers don’t realize that those prices can vary—by more than $100 per drug in some cases—depending on where they buy it. In July, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer’s office asked 170 randomly selected pharmacies in 25 counties across the state for the prices of their 25 most commonly prescribed drugs. This month, they surveyed pharmacies in the remaining counties. The data they collected is being posted at, a database that allows consumers to compare prices for prescription drugs in their area. We picked five of the most popular prescription drugs to see how much their price varied within the state (and in some cases, within the same city).