sábado, octubre 09, 2004

Why is it so difficult to provide universal health care?

Aunque este post de Robert Shapiro en Slate data del 15 de Mayo de 2003, sigue teniendo toda su vigencia. Actualmente trabaja en una consultora, Sonecon LLC en Washington, pero fue Subsecretario de Comercio en la administración Clinton.
Comienza de esta forma:
"Health care is as frustrating an issue for politicians as it is important to the rest of us. We all know the complaints. At nearly 14 percent of gross domestic product, health care claims almost twice as large a share of the economy in the United States as in Britain or Japan and generally produces no better health results. And for all that money, the number of Americans with health insurance keeps falling. Since 1987, the share of Americans with health coverage, including Medicare and Medicaid, has declined from 87 percent to 85 percent, and setting aside government programs, the share with private health insurance fell from 75.5 percent to less than 71 percent."
Podéis ver este interesante pdf "Dramatic Growth of Research and Development" de phrma.org.
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